Total Support - Diet & Exercise Support in the Oxfordshire region.

Do you struggle with your weight? Joined a slimming club or gym? Do you exercise often but your still unhappy with your weight and fitness. Nikki Carrol can support you on all these issues. *

You may have joined a slimming club or gym in the past, dieted religiously, exercised regularly and lost the weight but despite your good intentions and your understanding of exercise and nutrition, you put the weight back on and possibly even more than before.

Maybe you are an emotional eater or somebody that just doesn’t enjoy exercising or maybe your circumstances make it really difficult for you to pursue a healthy and active life. Maybe you are demotivated, want to change but just don’t know where to start. Maybe you just want more than a Training Plan. If any of this sounds familiar then perhaps Total Support is what you need.

I am flexible so please call if you want to discuss creating a specific plan for you.



90 minute consultation with a qualified nutritionalist

7 x PT Sessions

3 x 30 minute mentoring/coaching sessions

Full email / telephone or Skype support if required


10 week Weight Loss programme which doesn't include counting calories but instead provides nutritional advice, information and guidance to help you adjust your diet and lifestyle to maximise weight loss, improve your health and provide you with methods to ensure your weight loss is sustained.

10 x PT sessions

10 x 30 minute Nutrition & Healthy Living sessions to help you adjust your diet and lifestyle to maximise weight loss

Diet Plan based on REAL food

Recipe Book


* The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only. We cannot guarantee any weight loss or fitness results.